Anderson Visual Impact

After making a successful living in advertising over the last 14 years for some of Houston's largest ad firms and companies as both a designer and a photographer, my favorite work is still using Photoshop.

Now there are those who are fast in Photoshop, and there are those who can stay on top of the latest filters and smart short-cuts. I can do all of those things, but being efficient and "cutting edge" aren't what first come to my mind when I think of what separates my work from that of others in my field. It's the craftsmanship, without a doubt.

I've won multiple awards for web design and development. I've also contributed as both the photographer and the photo-editor on multiple projects that have won Gold ADDY-Awards. And I've made a handsome living as a professional designer, developer, animator, art director, lighting expert, video editor, photographer

Anderson Visual Impact
4655 Wild Indigo St,Houston, TX 77027
(832) 794-2095
[email protected]

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