• Ad Photo Heavily Edited and Stylized for Campaign Art : HTML5 Image Gallery Slider
  • Commercial Photo Retouch : HTML5 Image Gallery Slider
  • Composite and edit for Billboard and Magazine Ad : HTML5 Slider
  • Photograph, composite and edit
  • Ad campaign photo retouching : HTML5 Content Slider
  • Cross-Browser Web Design and Development : HTML5 Div Slider
  • Commercial Food Photo Retouching: HTML5 Gallery Slider
  • Compositing and Stylizing (photo taken by Mary Herrmann) : HTML5 Horizontal Slider
  • Commercial Photo Enhancing and Stylizingfor Print Campaign Preparation : HTML5 Image Slider
  • Cutout and General Overall Finetuning : HTML5 jQuery Slider
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I love photographers
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After 13 prolific years as a designer, developer and a photographer, for some of Houston's largest advertising firms, it's establishing myself as one of the city's premiere photo editors that I consider my greatest career feat. Simply put, I love Photoshop and with it my ability to make my client's work look incredible!

Aggreko, Belkin, Belmont Village, BP, CenterPoint Energy, Halliburton, Hewlett Packard, High Fashion Home, Jiffy Lube, KBR, Methodist Hospital, LaMichuacana, Landry's, Rain-X, RR Donnelley, Sysco, Texas Community Bank and Toshiba

It would be a modest estimate to say that in my career I have designed, developed and consulted clients on 100s of websites. So whether you need any web services, or simply have a question on anything from posting videos, to ranking better with Google, conatct me. Consultation is free.

I invite you to browse my site. If you contact me for a Portfolio password, I will respond promptly. Your future projects will benefit from our collaboration and I want to work with you. So, take 3 minutes to fill out the short form on my contact page and I'll respond to you the same day. Or just call anytime between the hours of 9 am and 9pm Mon - Sat.


During the 4 years I worked at a Houston ad
agency with Aron, he was THE go-to guy for
all Photoshop work on their most important
campaigns. Needless to say, 3 years later, I'm
very happy to have him collaborate on projects
for my business here in Austin.