Here are the services I provide.

Photo Manipulation

Advertising & Design

  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Logos/identity
  • Print and general graphics design
  • Trade Events
  • Website and Digital User Interface Design


  • 3D modeling
  • Animation
  • Audio/video post production (editing with AfterEffects and Premiere)
  • Interactive demos
  • Website development

I will bring your images to life!

... even if that means creating them.
Whether you need your 3D renders to have that realistic touch or you just need your photography to look worthy of a high profile print campaign, with over 12 years of editing photography I have done it all from shooting and editing photos for campaigns to compositing images to be used as backgrounds for videos and interactive pieces working at for some of Houston's largest ad firms.

As the nature of the job does bare a big influence in how I price, I prefer not to list reates online. But I can tell you up front that for my years of experience and level of expertise, my rates are incredibly fare ... to the point where most of my first-time clients are very surprised. Without divulging numbers or agEncies I'll say that my normal hourly rate is just barely above 1/3 what my work was being billed out to clients at when I was working full-time for ad firms.

If you need a web desiger or developer,
I can do both ... and very well.

Whether you are creating and launching a new site, or you want to revitalize an outdated one, with over 10 years of professional interactive design and development experience I will create a site that can improve your web presence and help you reach your marketing goals.

While I am a front-end developer, I do work with very accomplished back-end programmers who can build a variety of custom databases for whatever the scope of your websites needs might be.

Custom Website Development

As a "front-end developer" this is my specialty. 100% customized websites are the ONLY kind I create. Yes, there are $1,000.00 websites out there ... there are $75.00 ones in fact. Get one (Yes, I mean that as a dare, and no I don't really want you to. But I'd rather you not find out why it's a dare, because often that requires doing it). ... and then please let me be the one you call, if/when you need something more viable, or that simply functions, down the road.

Seriously, if I sound a little flip on the subject of "cheap" websites, don't misunderstand what I'm saying for cockiness. I realize the hordes of template sites and "green", unqualified designer/developers promising the world for under a grand make compelling arguments for not investing substantial money in a professional website. I used to think of them as my enemy, but after 10 years of helping a client base ranging from fortune 100 companies to sole proprietorships achieve their goals on the internet, I've learned that customers who have gotten "bargain" and template websites in the past have become my best customers.

If you are thinking about it, weighing your options, but you simply don't have the web experience to know what or who you need to get the ball rolling, then just call me. Please don't spend $100.00 or $3,000.00, for something that doesn't work for you, and your business, only to then need to go out and spend more to get it done right. And then there have even been the horror stories of "the third time being the charm".

My initial consultations are totally free (and in most circumstances they all are if I'm already working on a project for you) ... I'm a friendly guy and I know what I'm talking about. I would rather meet someone for a consultation and recommend them to a strong backend programmer and make nothing than think someone bought a template site or found and unqualified "web developer" at an unbeatable price when I could have at least pointed them in the right direction.

I am not a big "promisor", but if I were, the three promises I'd make to those needing digital media would be; the reality that template sites do not work if you don't already know advanced HTML and CSS, the answer is not going to come from a guy you never meet over seas and the biggie ... with VERY rare exceptions, unless you have a friend or family member in my profession, who owes you a favor ... There is no such thing as a good website for under $1,300.00. What "good" means is specific to each client, but it usually means a few things, and you'll be lucky if you get one of them for the "in the neighborhood of a G" ballpark.

If any of this is something you've thought about, or might be about to soon, then just give me a call, or get to me by means of email through my Contact page. I love helping people, I love what I do, and I'm good at both. Each of my customers is unique, and I want to make sure that you get a completely customized final product when I work with you that you're as happy with three years down the road as you will be the day it launches.

The following are some important things to think about that I ask my clients who are considering having a new website built or their old-one upgraded.

  • What objectives are you trying to achieve with this site design / redesign?
    Think in terms of what RESULTS you are trying to obtain, rather than what specific items or functionality you want on the site. RESULTS drive features and functionality.
  • Rank the importance of all your site objectives.
    No objectives can be equal, period.
  • What is the primary "action" the site visitor should take when coming to your site (make a purchase, become a member, search for information?)
  • What different types / segments of users visit your site?
    ie: customers, employees, upper management, job hunters...etc
  • Rank your users groups / segments in terms of importance.
    No users can be 100% equal in terms of importance... period.
  • What tasks are your user groups and segments trying to accomplish when they visit your site?
  • Rank the importance of those users tasks.
    IE: 90% of users look for contact information, but only 5% read the latest news.
  • What do your target users care about?
    What are your main selling points, what is most important to them, etc...
  • How computer savvy are your users?
    Do they have new computers, surf the internet frequently, use social media or have websites themselves?
  • How are you going to promote your site?
    (SEO, PPC, Viral, Social Media, PR, Traditional Adv, E-mail, Banners, Affiliate Marketing)
  • If you could communicate only one message to visitors, what would it be?
    One clear, simple concise thought. No run on sentences.
  • Do you have any pre-established brand themes, colors or imagery?
  • What should users think or feel when they look at the design of your site?
    Try to keep this to less than three sentences or thoughts.
  • Are there any colors, images or graphics that your users are used to seeing?
    (ie: industry colors, industry standards of types of graphics or photos, etc...)
  • List the URLs of any sites you find compelling.
    What specifically do you like about these sites?
  • What are your competitors doing with their website?
    (in terms of both design or content)

Creative Services

As an award-winning web and Flash designer, photographer and photo editor I specialize in creating eye-catching custom graphics that give that final look of professionalism to your ad campaigns and capture your website visitors' attention as well as increase the usability of your site.